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Whether you are a novice pizza chef or an experienced pizzaiolo - you will love our new 'Apollo' Pizza Trailer which has been designed for the pizza maker who caters for events, festivals, food shows, corporate functions or has a regular pitch such as a market or a maybe even for family gatherings.


Our New 'Apollo' Pizza Trailer features our own Apollo outdoor wood fired oven. The oven has a cooking area of 70cm x 70cm and is constructed using a grade 304 internal fully welded oven, with the body finished in heat resistant 2mm steel matt black and the top cover finished in either catering style circle patterned stainless steel or antique copper. The insulation is ceramic around the oven with all voids and the underfloor insulation being 128kg ceramic fibre too. The oven is sturdy and heavy duty and a five year guarantee is offered against materials and workmanship. The trailer has full certification with a gross weight capacity of 300 kg (axle rated at 400 kg) so taking the weight of the oven in to consideration there is storage capacity of over 150 kg for logs etc... The unit comes with pizza paddle, infrared thermometer, firelighters/kindling starter pack,  flue and rain cowl, stainless steel door, spare wheel , jockey wheel and road legal 'certificate of conformity' for the trailer. Dependent on ambient temperature the oven takes around 40 minutes to get to 450 deg Celsius and holds heat for around 2-3 hours. The trailer is finished in black. Delivery is included.


Based on the previous events oven,The Apollo has a number of added features. All of the insulation is now ceramic 128kg insualtion running under the 25mm firebrick  base covering the internal oven chamber, meaning fast start up times and longer cooling down periods, we have also addressed a problem common with all steel ovens which is to reduce the risk of the oven floor buckling which involves welding heavy steel sub channels to the oven floor.


The oven facade is finished in high temperature black powder coating. 
The cover and oven mounting plate is available in brushed or circle polished food quality stainless, as well as the option of a high quality powder coated finish in antique copper. We only use grades 304 or 316 we do not use cheaper and inferior grade 430. The trailer is coated in a high quality Black powder coated finish ob a galvanised substrate.


Trailer Specification :

Gross Weight – 300kg
Unladen Weight – 175kg
Axle Rated – 400kg
Internal Dimensions – 106x85x32cm 
Overall Dimensions - 173×120×82cm 
Full type approval certification