Vulcan - Extra Large Family or Professional Oven
Vulcan - Extra Large Family or Professional Oven
Vulcan - Extra Large Family or Professional Oven
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Vulcan - Extra Large Family or Professional Oven

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  • Large wood fired oven
  • Brushed finished door
  • Oven finished in black heat resistant powder coating
  • Flue and cowl supplied as standard
  • Firebrick base
  • 500 degree centigrade temperature gauge
  • Top cover available in antique copper or brushed stainless steel
  • 50mm of ceramic insulation within the dome cover



  • Cooking area 92cm x 81cm
  • External 87cm wide
  • External 82cm deep
  • External 45cm high (not including flue)


Optional Stand:

  • Black power coated stand fully welded
  • 2x braked and 2x unbraked fitted castors
  • Stand 90cm high

Our Vulcan is a stylish, functional and well made oven. It has a magnificent 30mm thick single piece cooking floor, with a more pronounced and visually stunning frontage. The Vulcan oven is finished with spectacular light textured heat resistant powder coating and a 316 grade stainless steel trim. This is an extraordinarily high spec unit, made and assembled by us using the latest CNC equipment to the highest quality and closest tolerance. Not just recommended for commercial caterers, to mount on a trailer or those who frequent larger events , this would also look fantastic not only as any garden centrepiece but as a fully functioning wood fired oven of the highest quality. 

* Increased Size and shape of the internal oven - This gives a full 92cm x 81 cm of hearth space, the oven now has a shallower volume and increased angle on the  rear back plate which assists the flame to spread equally at the top of the chamber. The inner oven gauge has increased with no evident warping after 200 hours of use. The grade of staInless is 316 and the oven is fully welded. The ovens sits on 4 x 40mm high feet and stands at 50cm high x 105 cm wide x 83cm deep and can be supplied on its own, with stand and on a stand with castors where the height is 105cm to the cooking aperture.

* Fast fire up and good heat retention - We have customers who have achieved 450 plus Celsius degrees in 10 minutes on the hottest days which is difficult to beat, however, we are realists and recognise that some sellers offer unrealistic claims , in truth, at -8 deg 'C it can take two hours or more to fire an oven up to temp  ,if you read on you will see our unbiased testing on a brand new oven, ours has been developed for the Irish Climate -other continental manufacturers assume the avg temp of 20-22 deg, we tested the first oven 3 years ago in our factory at minus 8 degrees and we've tested at 29 degrees on one of hottest days, our claims are real, not fantastic but honest and outperform most of the more expensive ovens. We use clay bricks and 128kg ceramic insulation a superb combination to get the oven up to temp fast, so you don't have to pre-light the fire prior to your event!. 

*Construction - We use high temperature black baked on powder resistant up to 800 deg C for a long lasting and durable finish. The body is fully welded and one of the improvements  is welded 2mm channels across the base to ensure warping is minimilised other manufactures still have this issue but we have tested ours up to 700 degrees with no evident warping, the cooking stone is a two piece refractory cast slab to ensure a smooth cooking surface, the slab has 75mm of ceramic insulation on the underneath.  As mentioned we use 316 stainless steel, welded by coded welders for long life. Upper wall insulation is a thick multi layered ceramic fibre insulation, encased in hammered antique black copper cover. Fixings are stainless steel throughout and a high quality  grade 316 'midtherm' 5" flue and weather cowl are supplied with each unit.The ceramic insulation and the voids and all linings are again filled with ceramic infill giving a very high heat retention and fast heat up times.

*Comparisons -  The Vulcan has a massive 92cm x 81 cm hearth size {or 0.75 m/2} , most commercial ovens or large domestic are either 60cm x 60 cm { 0.36 m/2} or 80cm x 60cm {0.48 m/2} , making our oven a real contender for the best in class and offering the best value for money.



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